According to’s Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Radon is a radioactive element that is part of the radioactive decay chain of naturally occurring uranium in soil. You can’t see radon.  You can’t smell radon and you can’t taste radon. Unlike carbon monoxide and many other home pollutants, radon’s adverse health effect, lung cancer, is usually not produced immediately.  Thus you may be exposed to radon for many years without ever suspecting its presence in your home.

What is Radon?

Residential Testing Services

Whether a test is being performed as part of a real estate transaction or on behalf of a homeowner testing for their own benefit, our full service test is the same.

It is important for everyone to know that even though the service we provide is the same, there are different testing options depending on why the test is being performed.

For homes involved in real estate transactions, or when the results of a test are going to be submitted to a third party, the only appropriate testing option is to have the test performed by a state-licensed radon measurement technician. Using a licensed radon technician ensures that the test was conducted with properly calibrated equipment, the required testing conditions were met and maintained, and that there was oversight to ensure that there was no interference with the test. Time is also a big factor in real estate transaction tests and results from professional continuous radon monitors are available the same day the test ends


The risks associated with Radon are greater than all other Environmental Hazards that the EPA deals with combined.

Growing Demand for Radon Tests

Real Estate transactions requiring radon testing and mitigation systems.

Elevated radon levels have been found in all areas, and in all types of homes. Therefore, the EPA strongly recommends all homes be tested for radon.

Growing Liability Concerns

The EPA, the Surgeon General, relocation industry professionals and trade-groups all agree that radon is an ever-present danger. Realtors should make every reasonable effort to determine the levels of radon in all the houses they are selling.

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